Having found my niche at the intersection of technology, startups, and social change, I am currently wandering through Southeast Asia as a Startup Ecosystem BDA with Amazon Web Services. Prior to being a proud Amazonian, I was a tech consultant at Deloitte Digital, committing to the full spectrum of agile software delivery including design, development, deployment, testing and project management. Indian in origin and Indonesian by nationality, I’ve also lived in the U.S., UAE, and the Philippines. I graduated from New York University in 2016, where I pursued double major in journalism and political science with a joint minor in computer science and math.
When I’m not experimenting with art or hibernating, you can find me binge watching The Office over a tub of coffee ice cream. I’m also a brain dump for pick-up lines and poor jokes; feel free to contact me for conversation topics to fill the awkward silences in between conversations.