The above data visualization illustrates the amount of campaign finance President-elect Donald Trump funneled back into his corporate assets. Using data from the Federal Election Commission filings, Trump has shifted almost 6% of his total campaign expenditure into his own businesses or to businesses that promote his brand, including but not limited to, his bottled water, winery, cafe, aviation, hotels, and campaign merchandise.

Make America Violent Again: An Analysis of Donald Trump's Twitter Rhetoric

Inspired by George Orwell's essay, 'Politics and the English Language', I decided to pursue my senior journalism capstone on Donald Trump's unprecedented use of Twitter this election cycle in hopes of understanding how he uses the reach and velocity of the platform coupled with his rudimentary use of the English language to undermine and delegitimize anyone or anything that tries to counter him. 

I scraped Trump's Twitter through the Javascript console on Google Chrome to retrieve over 3,300 tweets between January 2016 and November 2016. After pasting the tweets onto an Excel spreadsheet, I cleaned the data to omit any of his retweets. Using the data, I ran various analyses to identify trends. The analyses include the number of followers and tweets, and daily average followers and daily average tweets (as of November 2016) for Donald Trump and Jeb Bush (two front-runners of the Republican party) and for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (two front-runners of the Democratic party). For Trump, I also noted his top phrases, word frequency, monthly tweet frequency, tweets that received the most engagement in terms of retweets and likes, and the chief enemies he targeted and number of insults against each of them by month. 

To read the results and findings, you can download my capstone.